Digital Square Open Proposal Process and Platform (OPP&P)

Promoting the collaborative development of proposals for investments in digital health global goods

Digital Square supports investments in digital health global goods, which are tools that are adaptable to different countries and contexts. Mature digital health global good software is software that is (usually) Free and Open Source (FOSS), is supported by a strong community, has a clear governance structure, is funded by multiple sources, has been deployed at significant scale, is used across multiple countries, has demonstrated effectiveness, is designed to be interoperable, and is an emergent standard application.

We are using an open proposal process. Your concept notes and proposals will be publicly posted, giving you and other submitters the opportunity to find collaborators and provide and receive feedback from your peers.

Latest Announcement

Thank you for your participation in Notice C

Dear Notice C Participants,

Thank you for your participation in the Digital Square Notice C Process.  A total of 30 proposals are advancing to the Peer Review Committee for review.  Those proposals advancing have been marked as “In Review” on the Open Proposal Site. The PRC Review phase runs through October 10, after which time, Digital Square will compile their feedback to be shared at the next Governing Board meeting in November 2018.  We anticipate sharing the funding decisions determined by the Governing Board in December 2018.

We want to update you that we have decided to make the budget narrative documents private.  Based on some feedback from Notice C participants as the proposals were due, we see how some of the information you provided in the budget narrative can be interpreted as confidential, thus, the budget narrative and budget uploads are all confidential. We will share high level budget numbers of funding requested for each proposal with the PRC as well as any delineation of budget aligned with milestone activities or work packages, if you submitted information in this form.

We continue to iterate this process and would appreciate your feedback.  Please complete this short survey to share with your Digital Square your reflections of the Notice C Cycle and Open Proposal Platform.  Your feedback is extremely helpful in assisting us to improve on future Notice cycles. Please complete this survey by Wednesday, October 3.  In addition to the survey, you are always welcome to provide us feedback via email, slack or a phone call.

Thank you again for your support to Digital Square and the evolving ecosystem of global goods.


The Digital Square Team